Private and small group Guided walks  on kunanyi / Mt Wellington

Connect deeply to nature on kunanyi / Mount Wellington, wilderness just minutes from Hobart, Tasmania.

In the care of experienced guides you’ll navigate the web of trails, listen to a mountain of stories and take in the epic views. We know why it’s the top of Hobart attractions.

Private and small groups | Walks for all abilities | Corporate events | Fully catered | Carbon positive

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Wild Wellness Fire and Ice Walk

Wild Wellness Fire and Ice Walk

Discover the wonders of kunanyi / Mt Wellington like never before. Listen to the stories of the mountain’s history and unique plants and animals all in the care of knowledgeable local guides. Be coached through Wim Hof Method breathwork and icy river plunge (by Piet, trained by Wim Hof himself) followed by writer-led journaling beside a roaring fire and mountain stream.

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Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit

Challenge yourself to this full day iconic walk. Dip your toe in the Derwent River and finish at the pinnacle of kunanyi / Mt Wellington 1271 meters above sea level. The trails will follow in Charles Darwin’s footsteps, taking in the full range of natural and cultural wonders that hide among the mountain slopes. Not one for the faint of heart – epic, challenging, but oh what a great achievement.

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Need more convincing?

A mountain of stories

We offer the first and only guided walk from Sea to Summit. Those that are up for the challenge can experience one of the steepest bioclines in the world, from coastal to alpine. We offer a range of private walks for all abilities, which means for many of our walks it’s just you and the guide a real chance to escape the maddening crowds and deeply connect with nature.

Come up close to the giant swamp gums, the tallest flowering plant on earth. Stand beneath the towering cliffs of the organ pipes, hear how they were formed, a process responsible for much of Tasmania’s unique scenery. We are the only walking tour company that focusses on this truly special mountain, continuously researching its hidden cultural stories to share with you. 

Great company

Our team of local guides have an infectious love of The Mountain. In the care of an experienced guide you’ll navigate the web of trails, listening to mountain stories. We know the geology of the rock formations, the flow of the water catchments, the history of bushrangers past, and the names of the plants and wildlife you’re sure to encounter. 

Your walk with us helps the environment, a percentage of our profits go back to local initiatives. These range from land care, track maintenance and wildlife rescue. We would like to think that not only are we sustainable but even help restore the environment around us.


Trail Treats

You’ll be treated to some of Tasmania’s culinary delights as you walk with us. 

Imagine enjoying local premium produce while discovering a wilderness nestled behind one of the world’s prettiest cities. We collaborate with leading local gourmet suppliers, including bakery/patisseries, coffee roasters, tea blenders and brewers. 

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Pack your bag and boots, time to hit the trails!

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