Explore the Southern Stars

Explore the Southern Stars

Explore the Southern Stars from kunanyi / Mt Wellington

Join us at the Springs on kunanyi / Mt Wellington and revel at the stars above. This tour is brought to you in collaboration with Astronomical Society of Tasmania. You will be guided around the night sky, starting with the Moon and our solar system. We should be able to look at other planets through a telescope. Then we’ll look further out to the milky way and into deep space. 

We will spend an extended period outside in the cold and advise you pack all your warmest clothing.

The Details

tour duration

1.5 hours

walk duration




elevation gain







Selected Friday / Saturday Evenings




By request, meet at the springs in front of Lost Freight Cafe

catered meals and snacks

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and snacks

choose this walk if

You want to learn about the southern night sky

fitness level required

Basic / Low

family friendly?


essential personal gear

Raincoat, drink bottle, warm layers, torch, personal medication.

requirement for doctor's letter

If you are aged over 72, have a heart condition, recent chest pain when exercising, or bone/joint illness which affects your ability to exercise, you must provide a doctor's letter to confirm that you are able to complete this walk.

appropriate footwear 

Supportive walking shoes with firm treaded soles are recommended. Dress shoes, high heels, and casual sandals or similar footwear are not appropriate footwear.

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