Thanks for your order.

You’ll be getting a series of emails from us now. If you don’t get any of them, please check your spam emails, and contact us if any go missing:

  1. Here’s your tickets from Walk on kunanyi – the email with all your digital tickets.
  2. Your purchase of tickets from Walk on kunanyi – the email telling you your purchase was successful, telling you what happens next.
  3. An email from either paypal, stripe or square – confirming your transaction through them was successful.

Everyone who walks with us will need to complete the Walk Terms and Conditions before departure, so perhaps you’s like to read them now or perhaps get stuck into the blog below.

We’re looking forward to having you come for a Walk on kunanyi!

Our backstory

It’s late 2018 and Ciara and I are about to launch Walk on kunanyi, offering Hobart’s only dedicated kunanyi / Mt Wellington guided walks.


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